LightOn Pro - An app that doesn't steal user data.

Flashlight App – LightOn Pro

LightOn Pro - A flashlight app that doesn't care about user data and why we don't need it!

Flashlight apps have been around since the launch of Android Market in 2008, so this is old. People then didn’t know what permissions meant, only developers did. At first, every developer became curious and they developed useful apps, yes a flashlight is useful. Then came ADs, where developers(by the term developers, I mean the actual developer or a company that developed the app) can generate revenue based on CPCs and CPIs taking the free app market to a whole new level.

Sooner or later bad developers became greedy since they started collecting user information by getting access to the user’s contacts, which include phone numbers and email addresses. This information is then sold to corporate giants in exchange for cash or other benefits. Ever wondered why so suddenly you start receiving emails from e-commerce stores you’ve never heard of? well, this could be the reason.

The next time when you download an app, be careful to check its permissions list, use your common sense. It’s so simple, for an app like WhatsApp you may grant permission to access your contact because you want the list of all people in your contacts using WhatsApp and obviously WhatsApp is genuine! hehe! GOD knows what Facebook does with all these data! Similarly, a flashlight app doesn’t need contacts to turn on the led at the back of your phone, it’s simple right?

Check out our humble flashlight app – LightOn Pro. It’s an ideal flashlight app, it’s lightweight and it saves power. LightOn Pro is fast to launch and when you turn on the flashlight the screen brightness is reduced to the minimum. LightOn Pro also comes with additional options like turning your screen white with 100% brightness and SOS flashes.

As far as LightOn Pro is considered, we need access to your camera module only.

Do you want an app like LightOn Pro?

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