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Ended up here from a link pointing to “Rainverse”? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Rainverse is our new institution with a different focus. Rainverse stands for ‘Raising Intuitive Universe’, and we really mean it. Rainverse’s online presence is under construction and it will be live soon 🙂 Meanwhile, read more about us here www.kodspider.com Cheers!

AKCDA – The Biggest Chemists and Druggists Website Ever Built!

The All Kerala Chemists and Druggists Association [AKCDA] website is under construction. The website is proposed to host a whole lot of features for the general public all over India and exclusive features for its members. This website primarily focuses on its member’s problem to find information relevant to marketing and distribution of drugs all over Kerala. Wholesale distributors and Retail Distributors can make the most out of this website. AKCDA official website also promises a huge database of medicines available [...]

Android App Development

We at Kodspider Technologies believe apps playing a crucial role in everyday life of every human. Considering the fact that according to current statistics India is the fastest growing market for Smartphones, we intend to take part in this innovation spectrum with significant flair inside the Android app market. The experienced team at Kodspider Technologies takes this very seriously, and produces out-of-the-box ideas to create superior apps. Our team take advantage of technology, knowledge and experience to craft the extraordinary app [...]

Rushes Media

An entertainment start-up by Kodspider Technologies. We created a portal to host all latest media news, we’ll be bringing you the latest posts, leaks, and perhaps gossips in the Indian movie world. We made it simple yet effective, and we thought you might like it. Website: www.rushesmedia.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rushesmedia 

Thaikkudam Bridge

Thaikkudam Bridge – An Amazing Band

We are Big FANS of Thaikkudam Bridge – Official – We had the great opportunity to develop a website for them… Thaikkudam Bridge is the new sensation of Kerala after Aviyal. The band is composed of the most endowed artists from diverse parts of India. It all happened with a few songs and touched the hearts of every Malayali. Ahh well… they ROCK too! The FISH ROCK is one of their awesome hits. Apart from that, they are astounding performers and they [...]

LightOn – A Lightweight Flashlight Android App

Android owners looking for limitless potential and command of smartphone can undeniably make use of a flashlight app by downloading one onto their devices. A flashlight app should be a handy enough while you may countenance a loss of power or any outrageous situations where your smartphone might help with its little flashlight. We might have a lot of flashlight apps in the Play Store, but we strongly recommend LightOn. Why LightOn? Unlike other apps, this one is too light. The app itself [...]