What it means to be Agile?

Lot of Misconceptions Agile software development tends to confuse many, being agile in software development is not following a set of rules and traditions, nor setting up standup meetings daily. There are a lot of misconceptions when people think about a company that follows a particular derivative of agile software development such as Kanban. These misinterpretations have to be interpreted in the best way in reverence to the real Agile Software Development Methodology. Agile is a set [...]

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It’s good to see you stop by! We’ve been working in collaboration with several clients, and all their software and websites may use our own server for special events such as heavy files download. We host it on our server so that their website or software works much efficiently without running heavy scripts or delivering heavy files. If you seem to find some file missing and saw our 404 page, we might help you get the specific file you’re looking for or [...]

AKCDA – The Biggest Chemists and Druggists Website Ever Built!

The All Kerala Chemists and Druggists Association [AKCDA] website is under construction. The website is proposed to host a whole lot of features for the general public all over India and exclusive features for its members. This website primarily focuses on its member’s problem to find information relevant to marketing and distribution of drugs all over Kerala. Wholesale distributors and Retail Distributors can make the most out of this website. AKCDA official website also promises a huge database of medicines available [...]

Rushes Media

An entertainment start-up by Kodspider Technologies. We created a portal to host all latest media news, we’ll be bringing you the latest posts, leaks, and perhaps gossips in the Indian movie world. We made it simple yet effective, and we thought you might like it. Website: www.rushesmedia.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rushesmedia